About me

BA International Relations, University of Geneva

Journalist, free school of journalism

Mother tongue: German

English, CPE

French, C2

In June 2020 I started working as a freelance translator and author. Yet, this doesn’t mean I’m new to the business…

A gift for language was evident very early in my life. My mother keeps telling me that I could extraordinarily early speak. I wrote my first short story when I was about seven years old. I passed language classes at school with little effort so it never even occurred to me to aspire to a career in this field. Since I did not have to fight for it, it did not mean much to me.

For 15 years now, my life has been multilingual. I can no longer avoid it. English has become an integral part of my life. So was French for four years. And sometimes I have to explain to the astonished German why I don’t sound like a Swiss when I speak German.

In the past 13 years I have been asked to translate or interpret more and more. Most of the time I did it on a volunteer base. Eventually, I concluded that it was time to earn some money with it.

I am fascinated by languages, their differences and similarities. Language is more than just words. It is a mirror of culture. That’s why it’s usually not enough just to translate the words, you have to rethink the meaning of the sentence in the other language.

What I offer:

Translation EN-DE, DE-EN

Interpretation EN-DE, DE-EN

Translation FR-DE, DE-FR

Content writing

Areas of Expertise:

Human rights/ human trafficking & modern slavery/ development aid/ history/ politics/ current events/ legal texts/ international law/ Christian topics